Morton Movers appeared in Barry Levinson's three classic Baltimore films. Avalon, The Diner, and Liberty Heigths.


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William Lee and Lucy Wade Morton migrated to Maryland from Virginia in the late 1890s. That year he would become a drayman hauling cotton from East to West Baltimore. William and Lucy Morton migrated to Baltimore at the dawn of building a new city as well as a major port in the United States.

As the Mortons connected to the infamous Antiques Row and gained prominence throughout Baltimore City their sons and daughters would continue to extend the vision of William and Lucy through the 1920s on into the early 1980s.

As they grew to be the mover throughout Baltimore, they again would extend their range of relocation services across the Northeastern and Southern region. During this era on any given day upwards of twenty-five Morton trucks could be seen throughout the local and national highways managed by four generations of Mortons and extended family. 


Today, eight generations later Morton Modern Movers continues the legacy of the longest family owned African American relocation company in America. 

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