Senior Moves- Our absolute favorite move. As we often reflect upon the elders that built Mortons, we take special care and pride in our baby boomers. We are with you every step of downsizing, estate or senior transitions. The owner is a baby-boomer and proud of it. Baby-Boomers Rock!

Student Moves- End of the semester again, need to get everything out of your dorm or into storage asap; don't worry we understand, both of the owners are students.

Packing/Unpacking- Too busy to pack or just overwhelm by the mere thought of all those boxes, don't fret call us. Our President has a special affection for the perfect square box.  Her and her crew also love the challenge of being outside the box for your unpacking needs .

Long-Distance- Our reach is across the Northeastern and Southern region. We have partner companies that will take your move across the nation.


Antiques-For that special piece that you know not just anyone can move, call Mortons. We began  our business at the boom of the antique business over 100 years ago in Baltimore City.

Hauling and Delivery- We haul away unwanted furniture that may be cluttering your home or storage. We pick up and deliver single items for smaller moves.


Morton Modern Movers

Storage Organization-For that busy, transient client call us to re-organize your storage. We have organizational consultants that will help you get this part of your life back on track.


Local Moves-As a home grown company built by family and community we become an extension of your moving experience providing support seameslessly.

Commercial- Company moves are more complicated requiring a certain expertise that is lacking today. Mortons brings that organizational and strategic approach to your office move.

Pianos- Before piano movers their was Morton Movers, hoisting pianos through windows, balconies, and various doorways. To witness a rare experience call us for your piano move.